We are Brighton based boutique developers, passionate about building incredible houses that enhance the lives of the people fortunate enough to live in them.

It is our firm conviction that good houses improve lives and this guides all that we do. Our priority is not the bottom line. Design drives decisions. We use renowned architects, we commission designers, be they lighting, kitchen, bathroom, interior, landscape, home automation, and it is this use of experts that allows us to concentrate on delivering the key components of every Baobab house – design, detail, light, space.

We recognise that many people would not consider a newly built property: this stems from the soulless, profit driven finish associated with so many developers, as well as the complete absence of imagination and consideration in the design. We want to buck that trend. We want to create houses, at all levels of size and budget, that are appropriate to the way people live in the 21st century. Well designed properties, both in  functionality as well as aesthetics, help us lead better and more fulfilling lives. We, as developers, want to build houses that do this.